Stranded Vietnamese citizens return home from Myanmar

VOV.VN - Low-cost carrier Vietjet Air has collaborated with the Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar and other relevant authorities to put on a special flight on May 21 to bring home 240 Vietnamese citizens stranded in Myanmar due to the novel coronavirus.

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Stranded Vietnamese citizens return home from Myanmar 
The majority of the Vietnamese nationals returning from the neighbouring country include minors under the age of 18, students without accommodation due to the closure of their schools and dormitories, the elderly, sick individuals, tourists, and migrant workers.

To facilitate the repatriation of Vietnamese citizens, the Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar has worked closely with local authorities to ensure the citizens’ smooth travel from other regions to Yangon without being quarantined, as well as to simplify necessary procedures. The Embassy also sent some of its staff to the airport to provide help to citizens as they complete their boarding procedures.

The flight enforced a strict range of measures to ensure the safety of everyone on board, with passengers receiving a medical check-up and being quarantined upon arrival at Da Nang International Airport in line with current health regulations.

Under the Prime Minister’s direction, Vietnam will continue to arrange flights aimed at bringing home Vietnamese citizens depending on future developments of the pandemic, the quarantine capacity of Vietnamese localities, and demand among Vietnamese nationals living abroad.


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