Storm Jebi weakens to tropical depression

(VOV) - Tropical storm Jebi has weakened to a tropical depression after moving to eastern parts of Vietnam’s northern region.

The National Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting Centre reported that as of 1 pm on August 3, the tropical depression sat at 21.7 degrees north and 106.3 degrees east. Winds in the 8–9 categories gusted at 39–49 km per hour near the depression’s centre.

Over the next 24 hours, the weather system will continue moving west north-west at a speed of around 25 km per hour. Heavy showers are anticipated, causing rough seas in the northern parts of Tokin Gulf.

The northern region and Thanh Hoa province will be hit with torrential rain. Mountainous and coastal areas should be on the alert against flash flooding, landslides, and rising sea levels exacerbated by high tide.