Spanish man and Vietnamese wife to travel the globe on bicycle

Spaniard Guim Teruel and his Vietnamese wife Nguyen Thuy Anh will make a tour around the world on solar bicycle, said the Spanish embassy in Hanoi on February 14.

The couple will travel through 20 nations from Vietnam to London, the UK.

Thuy Anh said that during their trip, they will write articles and produce short clips about the trip and send them back to Vietnam for broadcasting on the VTV6 channel of Vietnam Television.

They also said they planned to travel mainly on roads during summer with as little luggage as possible to minimize travel cost and promote the use of clean energy.

Teruel previously made a 14,000km tour of 11 countries and territories, starting from Beijing, China, to encourage the use of renewable energy.

When he came to Vietnam in 2009, Teruel was interviewed by a VTV6 reporter about the meaningful journey. Later, in 2010, he married Nguyen Thuy Anh.