Son La police bust major drug ring, seizing 16 bricks of heroin

VOV.VN - Police in the northern province of Son La and the Police Department for Smuggling, Criminal Prevention and Control (C47) have coordinated for the successful bust of major drug ring 718T, seizing 16 bricks of heroin.

son la police bust major drug ring, seizing 16 bricks of heroin hinh 0
The police carried out a raid on the 4-storey residence of Ha Van Thanh, born in 1981, in Moc Chau town of Son La province’s Moc Chau district.

Thanh and his accomplice Tran Huu Thu, born in 1977, were caught red-handed as they were in the process of concealing bricks of heroin and methamphetamine in the frame of a wooden desk to disguise the drugs for distribution. The two drug traffickers aggressively resisted arrest and managed to flee to the rooftop as they tried to destroy all evidence and escape.

However, police apprehended the criminals and confiscated 15 bricks of heroin, 3 kilos of ecstasy and 6,000 methamphetamine pills.

They also seized an additional 1 brick of heroin, 1,000 methamphetamine pills, VND170 million in cash and other evidence which had been stored in a strongbox in Thanh’s house.

The incident is under further investigation.


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