Solid waste processing technology discussed

(VOV) - Local and German experts gathered at an international seminar in Can Tho City on March 11 to discuss innovations in the treatment and control of solid waste.

Participating experts will help inform Mekong River Delta provinces and cities about managing and treating solid waste in a manner according with sustainable development goals.

Experts said the region’s provinces and cities annually discharge more than 600,000 tonnes of waste, as well as approximately 47 million cubic metres of industrial solid waste.

Trends suggest that by 2015 the region’s daily solid waste volume will reach 5,000 tonnes, increasing to nearly 8,000 tonnes per day by 2020.

To help the Mekong River Delta effectively control solid waste, German experts have devised waste burial solutions that will help reduce air pollution in the region.

The experts also previewed technologies with the capacity to treat advanced solid waste, technologies currently in use in many of the world’s nations.