Singapore gives jail terms for shop’s employees cheating Vietnamese

A Singapore court on October 14 issued the jail terms for four employees in an electronics shop, which cheated many foreign visitors including a Vietnamese one who bought an iPhone 6 there last year, according to Singaporean news website Channel News Asia.

Accordingly, the four defendants who worked for Mobile Air shop in Sim Lim Square trade center were sentenced four to 14 months of imprisonment on charges of cheating.

Koh Guan Seng, 38, was sentenced to 14 months jail,  Kam Kok Keong, 31, was sentenced to 11 months' jail, Kelvin Lim Zhi Wei, 32, was sentenced to four months' jail, and Lim Hong Ching, 34, was sentenced to six months' jail, Channel News Asia reported.

According to the prosecution, the four defendants were hired by Jover Chew Chiew Loon, 33, as salespersons in Mobile Air shop.

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A screenshot of the page Kang created to raise fund to buy a brand new iPhone 6 to send to Pham Van Thoai as a gift to say apology to him on behalf of the people of Singapore, and express the hospitality of the people of the Southeast Asian city-state.

Chew, the shop’s owner, taught the four men to cheat unsuspecting customers so that they would receive a 40% commission of the profits made from their sales, which amounted to SGD16,149, by using unscrupulous sales tactics from April to October 2014, Channel News Asia reported.

At the court, deputy prosecutor Eunice Loh recommended severe penalties to deter those who intend to perform such frauds in the future, Singaporean media reported.

The Singaporean public took notice of the fraudulent behavior of Mobile Air store in October last year after the shop paid back 1,010 Singaporean dollars to a customer in coins.

A month later, Vietnamese tourist Nguyen Van Thoai went there to buy an iPhone 6, and was cheated.

Thoai, 28, was asked by Mobile Air Pte Ltd in Sim Lim Square to sign some worded invoice in English, a language Thoai barely understands.

He thus was forced to pay an additional USS$1,500 for a 1-year warranty. The tourist then went down on his knees, begging the store to return him the money but failed. He eventually left the shop with USS$550 poorer, and with no iPhone 6.

In November last year, Thoai told a Chinese-language Singaporean newspaper, Lianhe Zaobao, that he had bought a new iPhone 6 with the money he received from a Singaporean businessman, and will not receive any further assistance.

"I've been cheated US$550, so I'll only get US$550 from a kind person, and I will receive no more. I am grateful for your kindness, but I just want to get the right amount I lost," Thoai told the newspaper.

It is expected that the trial for the shop’s owner, Jover Chew - who faces a total of 28 charges, will take place on October 28.