Sharp rise in dengue fever cases hits Dak Lak

VOV.VN - A total of 13,094 cases of dengue fever have been recorded across 15 districts and towns in the central highlands of Dak Lak, including three deaths since the beginning of the year , according to a report by the Dak Lak province Health Department.

sharp rise in dengue fever cases hits dak lak  hinh 0
The provincial health department noted that the number of dengue fever cases has risen  40.2-fold in comparison with the same period last year.

Doctor Pham Van Lao, director of the provincial preventive medical centre, said the sharp rise in the number of dengue cases had caused a number of difficulties in prevention and treatment activities, noting that the number of infected patients is predicted to rise in the near future.

Le Thanh Hien, director of the Central Highland Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, who led a delegation from the Ministry of Health to inspect prevention activities in Dak Lak from August 27-28, said there remains several shortcomings in prevention and treatment activities in the fight against the epidemic.

The director noted that the province must allocate funding in a timely manner to the local health sector in order for them to purchase the chemicals and materials necessary to take drastic measures to combat a rise in dengue fever cases.

Ms Hien has requested the local sector spread information on the disease in order to raise public awareness about cleaning up the local environment, eradicating mosquito larva, and classifying patients to give them proper treatment.


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