Seminar discusses job creation for the disabled

A seminar discussing experience in generating jobs for the disabled in Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK) opened in Hanoi on December 16.

According to the National Committee for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), Vietnam currently records nearly 7 million people aged five and above living with disabilities, or nearly 7.8% of the population. 

Up to 61% of them are in working age but a few earn modest income by working in agro-forestry-fisheries. 

More than 41% of the disabled aged above six are illiterate while 19.5% graduated from secondary schools or above. 

seminar discusses job creation for the disabled hinh 0

Thousands of people with disabilities have been trained in 256 vocational training facilities in 56 cities and provinces and given jobs through the national support programmes. 

Vice President of the Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (KSRPD) Na Woon-hwan said the Republic of Korea (RoK) has referred to the US, UK and Japan’s policies when it comes to policymaking, adding that the country has ensured basic labour rights of the disabled. 

The RoK has ruled that 3% of the employees in each state and public organisation must be the disabled and any discrimination against them is banned, he said. 

At the event, participants also shared business models that offer support to the vulnerable, among others. 

The seminar was co-hosted by the NCPD, the KSRPD and the Korea International Cooperation Agency.


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