Scientists forecast 10 storms and tropical depressions

(VOV) - Meteorologists are predicting the number of storms and tropical low pressures the East Sea this year to drop to nine or ten, lower than the annual average, according to the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecast.

The Centre is also forecasting the number of storms making landfall will decrease to four or five, lower than the prior year.

However, the centre cautioned that storms and tropical low pressures are difficult to predict with any pinpoint accuracy and all storms are potentially dangerous and  come with complications.

In late January and early February of this year, a tropical storm named Kajiki appeared east of the Phillipines and weakened to tropical depression as it entered the East Sea. This was the first tropical depression disturbance this year.

The centre added that hot weather is likely to occur earlier than usual this year, especially in the northwestern, north central and southern regions.

The number of heat waves is expected to  hit  the northern region from May to July and the central region from May to August.