Saving Green Group inspires green lifestyle

VOV.VN - Over the past year, residents in Rach Gia City have become familiar with the young people of Saving Green, an environmental protection group, collecting garbage in public places.

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Saving Green’s fanpage.  
The group has contributed to cleaning up the environment, inspiring the spirit of a green lifestyle and spreading  awareness of environmental protection in the community. 

Saving Green was established last year with 20 members from Huynh Man Dat Specialized and Gifted High School in Rach Gia City, Kien Giang province.

10 grader Tran Tieu My, the group’s chief, recalled that their establishment was initiated by video clips on safe living and environmental protection made by a Vietnamese student overseas. Currently, Saving Green has 80 members and a Facebook fanpage, according to My.

"We say no to plastic bags and sponge lunch boxes. Our schoolmates are proud of being Saving Green members. I hope our school will become a plastic rubbish free place  and that the  students will be inspired to lead a green lifestyle,” said My.

Group members are divided into small units to gather garbage, and post reports on their Facebook fanpage calling on  others to restrict  single plastic use. The actions have received a positive response from students as well as the entire community.

Doan Thi Minh Thu, a group member, said “I have learned many useful things after participating in the group. Now, when I go out for a drink with friends, I always bring along a water jug to avoid using plastic straws. It helps me to save the money  and contributes to protecting the environment.

"I have gradually used fabric bags while shopping and have paid more attention to organic cosmetic products in difference to the environment. If each person can change their habits, the environment will become cleaner and more beautiful.”

Saving Green members have contributed money to fund group activities.

Truong My Anh, the group’s Deputy Head, said  “Joining the group has helped me better understand the environment and how it has suffered by the hand of human beings. I hope everyone can recognize our group’s targets – communications and prevention of littering - instead of only collecting garbage.”

Saving Green plans to work with Rach Gia’s Youth Union to organize a program called “No garbage” in Kien Giang and launch a campaign inspired by an environmental protection game show called, “Run away, don’t wait”. To realize the month-long plan, seminars will be held involving famous vloggers and influential people in society to create widespread influence in community, especially among the youth. 


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