​Saigon bus driver wins passengers’ hearts with small acts of kindness

If you have ever taken the No. 54 bus in Ho Chi Minh City, chances are you have been greeted by a warm, grey-haired driver who always finds ways to brighten up his passengers’ day through small acts of kindness at his own expense.

​saigon bus driver wins passengers’ hearts with small acts of kindness hinh 0
Le Xuan Huy prepares small changes for forgetful passengers. Photo: Tuoi Tre
From keeping a box of free candies which he gives to little children to keep them happy and calm throughout the ride to preparing small changes for forgetful bus riders to borrow, Le Xuan Huy never ceases to surprise his passengers.

Huy is one of the drivers for Ho Chi Minh City’s No.54 bus route, which runs from the Cho Lon Bus Station in District 5 to the Mien Dong Bus Station in Binh Thanh District.

“Children have a thing for candies and they can get carsick very easily, so a piece of candy might help them feel better,” he said in response to surprised looks from passengers after offering a candy to a child sitting in his mother’s lap.

​saigon bus driver wins passengers’ hearts with small acts of kindness hinh 1
A sign that reads “free candies” is posted on a bus in Ho Chi Minh City driven by Le Xuan Huy. Photo: Tuoi Tre

According to the bespectacled driver, he buys the candies with his own money because it makes him happy to bring happiness to others.

“Driving a bus can be stressful at times, so this is how I keep myself happy and stress-free,” he said.

Apart from candies, Huy also keeps a box full of small changes which he’s willing to lend to bus riders who forgets to bring their own money.

Among his surprise gifts are keychains that he tends to give to students because “they like to wear these on their backpacks”

“Whenever I see the keychain on someone’s backpack, I know they have been on my bus in the past,” he said joyfully.

Huy is also known for his rule of not leaving any passengers behind, as he always stops to wait for those trying to catch up with the bus even if it has been way past a stop.

At a time when buses in Vietnam are often complained for the unprofessional attitude of drivers and attendants, Huy’s acts of kindness have restored people’s confidence in the means of public transport.

“I don’t think the impression he has made on me will ever fade,” said My Duyen, a frequent bus rider.


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