Saboteur sentenced to three-year jail term

The Tay Ninh provincial People’s Court on January 15 sentenced Vo Viet Dzien, 42, to three years in prison and three-year probation on the charge of “acting to subvert the people’s administration” pursuant to Clause 79 of the Criminal Code.

According to the indictment, Dzien became acquainted with Le DucThang, a member of the so-called “Phuc hung Vietnam” (Reviving Vietnam) on the Internet in May 2011 and later joined the reactionary organisation.

He received a total of US$3,900 from the organisation to buy communication equipment (laptop) and attend two training courses in Singapore and Thailand.

Dzien got an order to come back to Vietnam to conduct such subversive activities as interrupting radio frequency, sowing division in the national solidarity, instigating anti-China demonstrations in Hanoi, and establishing farms to create financial resources and to serve as a hide-out for members of reactionary organisations when they are sent to Vietnam.

He was arrested at MocBai international border gate in TayNinh province when he returned to Vietnam on April 3, 2012. Two FM transmission radios and reactionary documents he brought along were confiscated.

VNA/VOV online