Returnee victims of human trafficking get support

Nearly 7,500 victims of human trafficking were rescued by competent agencies between 2012 and 2017, and all of them have received support to reintegrate into the community, heard a workshop in Hanoi on December 12.

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Le Duc Hien, deputy head of the Department of Social Vices Prevention and Combat under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA), said most of the victims bore mental and physical scars as they were subjected to exploitation, torture and sex abuse. 

Not only the victims but their relatives also suffer from consequences of human trafficking, he added. 

Many models have been formed in localities to assist the returnee victims, he said, adding that the MoLISA has also set up anti-human trafficking hotlines in the border provinces of An Giang and Ha Giang, which are connected with the switchboard hotline 1800 1567/111 in Hanoi. 

Delegates at the workshop shared the views that thanks to the closer coordination between departments, agencies and organisations, many victims have accessed social support services. 

Besides, the above-said models have helped improve the spirit and health of the victims, and provided them with means of livelihood such as loans and breeding animals for starting production, they said, noting that attention has been paid to law dissemination in order to raise public awareness of the issue. 

However, there remain various difficulties in the work as most of the victims have disadvantaged backgrounds and low levels of education, making it hard for social workers in giving consultation and vocational training. 

The shortage of social workers in this field and the limited numbers of social support services and models have also hindered the work. 

The delegates suggested establishing coordination mechanisms between competent Vietnamese and foreign agencies to exchange information about victims, intensifying training for social workers and stepping up communication work. 

Statistics from the Ministry of Public Security reveal that more than 3,000 cases of human trafficking were detected between 2010 and September 2018, with nearly 7,000 victims, who were not only women, children but also newborns and men.   

Human trafficking occurred in all cities and provinces, with nearly 85 percent cross-border cases, mostly via borders with Cambodia, Laos and China, the ministry said.

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