Recurrence of African swine fever strikes Vinh City

VOV.VN - Fresh cases of the African swine fever (ASF) epidemic have been discovered with complicated developments in Vinh City in the central province of Nghe An, with Nghi Kim commune being the hardest hit by the latest outbreak.

recurrence of african swine fever strikes vinh city hinh 0
On September 15, the commune was forced to cull six infected pigs from two pig farming households in Nghi Kim commune, which  saw a recurrence of the ASF epidemic.

Nguyen Tien Duc, head of the animal health and husbandry station in Vinh City, said the ASF epidemic has spread rapidly throughout the city as local residents have been unaware of the problem and not taken adequate preventive measures to combat the spread of the epidemic.

No staff have been present at quarantine stations, meaning that the transport of pigs and pork products have not been monitored sufficiently, while powdered lime and chemicals have not been sprayed properly in line with existing regulations.

As a result of the these ASF cases, veterinary workers in Nghi Kim commune were forced to conduct a mass cull of pigs weighing over five tons on September 16.

Although the epidemic in the area has witnessed several complicated developments with the number of infected pigs increasing, the trading of pigs and pork products throughout the commune has yet to fall under strict control.


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