Radio – promoter of dialogue, tolerance and peace

VOV.VN - The 8th World Radio Day were observed on February 13 under the theme “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”. As a public medium, radio has changed people’s awareness, strengthened community unity, and advocated constructive dialogue.

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Radio is a means of delivering information to people, and propaganda instruments of political and social organizations. 

Radio – a democratic public forum

In Vietnam radio has a solid position in society rivalling other forms of media. Radio plays an important role in communications, promotes Vietnam’s image and status internationally, and rallies Vietnamese living abroad to get involved in Vietnam’s construction and development. Radio is a forum for the people which transmits their opinions to the Party and State and communicates Party guidelines and State policies to the public.

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue said, “Radio is a close friend of all people and families. Radio programs are transmitted via the internet and satellites to remote areas, islands, and people worldwide. Radio in Vietnam has an important position on the ideological and cultural front and is a convenient, democratic public forum.”

Radio talk shows and dialogues between politicians, experts in different fields, and ordinary people draw large audiences. Hoang Thuy Duong told VOV “I like radio programs that interact with listeners. Anyone interested in the topic can call the hotline to join in the discussion. I can get involved in the issue and voice my opinions.”

VOV connects people with shared concerns

Over the past 73 years VOV has been a close friend to listeners. In war time, VOV played a role in uniting the public and boosting the moral of soldiers and civilians. Through VOV’s World Service (VOV5), foreign listeners learned about Vietnam’s struggle for independence. In peace time, VOV has been a source of reliable information about Vietnam’s land and people.

Juan Diez, a Spaniard told us “VOV has contributed to peace and mutual understanding among people worldwide. VOV played a significant part in Vietnam’s success with national independence, sovereignty, and reunification. Now VOV is teaching listeners about Vietnam’s culture, arts, and ethnic groups. VOV is one of the best radio stations and a common ground for many foreign listeners.”

VOV’s broadcasts now reach 99% of Vietnam’s territory and are beamed to 70 countries worldwide. The station is the most effective means of communication and a close friend of listeners inside and outside the country.

Rudy Hartono, President of the Borneo Listeners’ Club in Kalimantan, Indonesia, said that VOV is one of some radio stations to offer shortwave programs, organize listeners' meetings, and share happiness to all listeners.

VOV motivates the audiences and tighten relationship among ASEAN listeners in general and Indonesians in particular. On behalf of the Borneo Listeners' Club, Rudy Hartono congratulates radio staff on World Radio Day and wishes VOV5 success.

Despite the media sphere’s constant advances, radio continues to be one of the most accessible and attractive media in the world. With the theme “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace,” the 2019 edition is emphasizing radio as a “vector of peace.”  


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