Radio Asia conference opens in Indonesia

Radio and television broadcasters from the Asia and Pacific region are attending a conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, to discuss opportunities and challenges facing the media in the evolving world.

Themed Connect Me to the World, the 2012 Radio Asia Conference has brought together nearly 200 delegates from radio and television broadcasting stations and other media organizations in the Pacific Rim.

radio asia conference opens in indonesia  hinh 0

During the May 7-9 meeting, the delegates will evaluate the development of social media and its impact on radio broadcasting to seek ways to promote programming diversity.

Social media is having a great impact on radio programming, and the crux of the matter is how to make the best use of this media revolution to reach out to the larger audience.  

They will look at the community radio movement to highlight public broadcasting role in addressing such issues as education, health, the environment, agriculture, and rural and community development.

They will also discuss sustainability of community radios in the Pacific Rim, the youth’s role in driving community radios, new strategies in radio broadcasting, and social networks changing rules for radio.

radio asia conference opens in indonesia  hinh 1
The Indonesian Minister of Information and Communication Technology kick-started the conference (Photo: Alfizar)

The delegates will also spend time examining how to engage listeners of all generations in radio programs, develop visual radio, create content for online delivery, and make a profit from radio services.

Radio Asia Conference is offering a good chance for radio broadcasters in Asia and the Pacific as well as from the rest of the world to share experience and promote innovations to make radio programs more attractive to listeners.