Promoting Vietnam-US exchange activities

(VOV) - Chairman of the Vietnam-US Association Nguyen Tam Chien and representatives from the Vietnam Women’s Union held a dialogue with a US delegation of 10 parliamentary assistants in Hanoi on April 25.

The event was part of a working visit to Vietnam by the US delegation from April 16-26 aimed at bolstering Vietnam-US cooperation and exchange activities.

Chien briefed participants on Vietnam’s situation and the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisation (VUFO), speaking highly of the association’s activities in promoting people-to-people exchanges over the past few years.

For their part, Phan Anh Son, head of the People's Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) and Chien spoke on matters directly related to the status of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations, saying that the participation in the TPP will open up both opportunities and challenges.

They specifically talked about how the TPP would assist Vietnam expand its international markets, especially in the spheres of catfish, garment and textile exports among others. 

At the meeting, Vietnamese delegates also highlighted the emerging role of women and the Vietnam Women’s Union in the socio-economic development and in the promotion of women’s advancement.

The US Delegation underscored that they consider Vietnam an important partner of the US and that relations between the two nations have developed well and are expected to continue to prosper in the coming time.

They also expressed their commitment to provide assistance to Vietnam in support of Agent Orange victims and other assistance in clearing unexploded ordnance (UXO) and bombs and strengthening cultural exchanges.