Police break wildlife trafficking ring from Nghe An to Hanoi

Police of Dong Da district, Hanoi recently busted a wildlife trafficking ring from central Nghe An province to the capital city, seizing a live tiger, chamois bones, antlers and 5 grams of opium used to produce tiger bone glue.

police break wildlife trafficking ring from nghe an to hanoi hinh 0
Five suspects were caught red-handed in Tran Huu Tuoc street, Dong Da district with the illegal products. They are Le Hong Van, born in 1976, from Dien Bien; Nguyen Thanh Cong, born in 1977, from Ha Tinh; Tran Van Nghia, born in 1988; Dau Duc Le, born in 1990 and Dau Duc Khinh, born in 1979, both from Nghe An.

In early May, Van received an order from a client in Hanoi for tiger bone glue for 7 million VND per kg of live tiger and 40 million VND for making the bone glue. To fill the order, Van purchased a live 200-kg tiger from a smuggler in Nghe An for 5 million VND per kg. 

She then hired Cong to carry the tiger to Hanoi by car while Nghia was hired to take Le and Khinh to the city to make glue.

They are facing charges of protected wildlife smuggling and illegal possession of drugs.

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