Police arrest 19 crystal meth users at northern Vietnam karaoke bar

Nineteen people from the northern Vietnamese city of Haiphong have been arrested after being caught using crystal meth during a birthday party at a local karaoke bar.

Officers from the municipal Department of Police carried out a surprise raid on The Voice Karaoke Bar, located in Le Chan District, Haiphong, around midnight on March 12, discovering multiple suspects high on crystal meth.

The drug users were caught red-handed in two of the facility’s VIP rooms as well as at the reception desk.

police arrest 19 crystal meth users at northern vietnam karaoke bar hinh 0
Suspects are caught with drugs in a VIP room of The Voice Karaoke Bar in the northern city of Haiphong on March 13, 2017.

A total of 19 suspects were apprehended while an amount of crystal meth was also confiscated by officers.

Results of a quick examination showed that 13 out of the 19 detainees were under the influence of drugs.

After gathering statements, police decided to hold four of the suspects in custody to facilitate further investigation.

The four people included Van Huu Huong, 46, owner of the karaoke bar, and three party goers, namely Nghiem Hoai Nam, 35, Nguyen Thi Hong Van, 42, and Bui Tan Long, 41.

Among them, Nam had previously served seven years in prison for appropriation of property.

police arrest 19 crystal meth users at northern vietnam karaoke bar hinh 1
Four primary suspects are held at the police station. 

The suspects claimed that they were throwing a birthday party for Van on March 12, with all party goers being her friends.

Huong was in charge of arranging the VIP rooms for the group of customers despite knowing that they were bringing the stimulants in.

The karaoke bar owner even accepted their invitation to use the drugs with them.

Meanwhile, Long admitted that he was the one who brought the illegal products for his friends at the birthday party.

The case is still under investigation, while the other drug users have been transferred to a local rehabilitation center for further examination and sanctioning as per Vietnamese law.


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