Photo exhibition on East Sea opens in Seoul

A photo exhibition on the East Sea was held in Seoul, the Republic of Korea (RoK), on July 10 as part of the second Vietnam Culture Day in the country.

photo exhibition on east sea opens in seoul hinh 0
The display aims to highlight Vietnam’s marine sovereignty as well as China’s illegal activities in the East Sea, thus giving visitors insights into developments in the East Sea, said Lee Min-keon, President of the Vietnam-Korea Multicultural Families Association in his opening remarks.

The organising board hopes to join international efforts to call for an end to the illegal land reclamation in the East Sea and urge countries, both in and outside the region, to take responsibility for maintaining peace, stability and maritime safety, and protecting the ecological system in the sea, Lee said.

He noted that China’s illegal construction of man-made islands and militarisation in those waters are the root cause of tensions, adversely impacting peace, stability and maritime safety in the region.

Han Seok-hyeon, a lawyer from the Seoul Southern District Court, told the Vietnam News Agency that the exhibition introduces truthful and objective images of China’s violations of Vietnam’s territory in the East Sea and fueling territorial disputes with regional countries, thus seriously harming regional order and peace.

On this occasion, the lawyer presented the exhibition’s organising board with documents in Korean compiled by himself which point out legal foundations affirming Vietnam’s sovereignty over Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagoes, and call on China to observe international law in this regard.

The East Sea photo exhibition, organized by the Vietnam-Korea Multicultural Families Association and the Vietnam Culture Centre in the RoK, is the seventh of its kind organised in the RoK so far.

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