Philippine citizen recovers from COVID-19 in Vietnam

VOV.VN - A Philippine patient infected with COVID-19 has been discharged from hospital in Kien Giang’s island district of Phu Quoc after making a full recovery from the disease.

philippine citizen recovers from covid-19 in vietnam  hinh 0
Pictured is the Phu Quoc District General Hospital where the Philippine citizen had received COVID-19 treatment upon her entry into Vietnam in late July
The 37-year-old woman, an education expert, has tested negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus four times since her hospitalization, meeting the criteria for being discharged from hospital, said Vo Thanh Dung, director of the medical centre of Phu Quoc island district.

The patient is required to undergo a 14-day quarantine period at home to ensure she is clear from virus infection, Dung added.

The Philippine citizen took flight QH9461 from the Republic of Korea to Phu Quoc Airport in Kien Giang province, southern Vietnam, on July 19.

She tested positive for the virus the following day and was transferred to the Phu Quoc Island District Medical Centre for medical observation and treatment.

She is the only COVID-19 patient in Kien Giang province.

Kien Giang is placing 165 people in concentrated quarantine facilities, including 41 cases returning from Da Nang, the epicenter of the current coronavirus outbreak. In addition, 331 other cases are in self-quarantine at home.