Over 50 percent of vegetable samples contain chemical residue

(VOV) - More than 51 percent of vegetable test samples were confirmed with high chemical residue at a conference on safe vegetables in Hanoi on December 19.

The event was jointly held by the Institute for Agriculture and Rural Development (ISPARD) and VECO Vietnam - Belgium non-governmental organization - to work out measure to control and improve the quality of vegetables.

over 50 percent of vegetable samples contain chemical residue hinh 0

Participants raised their concerns over the harmful effects of unsafe vegetables on human health as seen in the growing cases of food poisoning and strange diseases in recent times.

Latest statistics show that about 80 percent of vegetable supplies to Hanoi’s wholesale markets come from nearby provinces or China, most of them without careful inspection.

Nguyen Van Hoi, an official from the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) which is in charge of market management, said that a large volume of raw vegetables is transported through the border gates near China, Laos and Cambodia.

Dr. Dao The Anh, Director of the Centre for Agrarian Systems of Research and Development (CASRAD), stressed the need for strict control of food quality through “from farms to dining tables” and other preventive measures to avoid the risk of food poisoning and other harmful effects on human health, he added.

Other delegates suggested technical solutions to ensure food hygiene and safety by applying modern technology in agricultural production, food processing and preservation work.

Tran Ngoc