Over 2,500 Vietnamese websites hacked

(VOV) - More than 2,500 Vietnamese websites have been hacked since the beginning of this year, says Microsoft’s latest survey.

The survey was released at a seminar on information security in Ho Chi Minh City on November 16.

Tran Ngoc Minh, deputy head of the Vietnam Information Security Association’s (VNISA) southern chapter, said information security is increasingly imperilled, risking huge losses. It’s predicted that an internet war will develop soon, he added.

Over the first ten months of 2012, hackers have targeted many official Government websites, large business websites, and those of leading IT firms. Vietnam is likely to face increased risk as the country has not invested properly in safeguarding information security.

Minh stressed the need to build strong infrastructure for information security over the long-term rather than drafting solutions to merely deal with short-term impacts.

Ngo Viet Khoi, Sales Manager of Trend Mirco Vietnam, said increasing businesses’ awareness and preparing professional information security personnel is essential.

Khoi also said Vietnam should master the advanced technologies that can guarantee information security. Businesses should think of preventive measures and invest more in information technology.