Over 140 wild animals rescued during seven month period

VOV.VN - More than 140 wild animals, including several rare species, have been rescued and reintroduced back to nature during the previous seven months, according to the Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV).

over 140 wild animals rescued during seven month period  hinh 0
A sea turtle is rescued in Nha Trang
The ENV noted that the animals saved include several threatened and rare species including the red-shanked doucs, sea turtles, wild cats, monkeys, pangolins, and otters.

Notably, 21 turtles of rare species have been rescued when they were discovered on sale at a market in Da Nang city. Earlier, a volunteer of ENV detected the violation and timely tipped the group off.

According to the local authorities, the turtles were a rare species and protected under Vietnamese law. After being rescued, the turtles were then released back into the wild.

Another major incident occurred last month when three monkeys which were being kept in a church in the southern province of Dong Nai were saved thanks to a foreign volunteer from ENV.

July saw ENV co-ordinate efforts with relevant agencies to rescue 17 wild animals. The organisation expressed their hope that they will continue to receive support from the community to combat wildlife-related crimes through their hotline at 1800-1522 and put a halt to the illegal trading of wild animals in Vietnam once and for all.


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