OLMD probes abuses under guest worker program

(VOV) - Following reports of contract violations, the Overseas Labour Management Department (OLMD) has sent letters of inquiry to several businesses employing guest workers in Taiwan.

“There have been numerous reports businesses in Taiwan are not fulfilling their part of the bargain,” said OLMD Deputy Director Dang Sy Dung and many are short-changing workers by cutting back working hours and pay.  

Dung said it appears some of the violations result from businesses cutting back production but we need to get a clearer understanding of the situation and that is why we have sent the letters of inquiry.

olmd probes abuses under guest worker program hinh 0

In addition, the OLMD has urged employment agencies as well as Vietnam Embassy staff to closely monitor the situation and take remedial actions to timely deal with arising issues and protect the legitimate rights of workers.

In its letter, the businesses were requested to respond with detained information regarding specific incidences that occurred over the past three months prior to October 15.