Oil pumped out to rescue vessel Chemroad Journey

Nearly 300 tonnes of oil carried by the foreign vessel Chemroad Journey stranded near Phu Quy Island off Binh Thuan province, were pumped into its aft tanks to lighten it and raise the bow section of its grounded tanks on June 18.

oil pumped out to rescue vessel chemroad journey hinh 0
The move also aimed to ensure safety for the vessel and avoid an oil spill during the rescue, according to Ho Chi Minh City-based High Sea Transport Joint Stock Company, the representative of the vessel’s owner Cobalt Blue Shipping S.A headquartered in the Republic of Panama. The salvage is being carried out by Japan’s Nippon Salvage.

Five vessels participated in the rescue activities with vessel SAR 413 under Vietnam’s Marine Search and Rescue Centre Region 3 tasked with supervising the rescue activities and ensuring safety.

Chemroad Journey, flying a Cayman Islands flag, was stranded on June 10 some 52 km to the south of the island as it was travelling from Singapore to China with 27 crewmembers on board.

The vessel, with its loading capacity of 33,500 tonnes, was carrying some 700 tonnes of fuel oil, when it tilted 10 degrees to the left.