OIF helps civil servants improve language skills

(VOV) - The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) commenced French language courses on March 27.

These courses are part of a cooperative agreement between Vietnam and the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) to train Vietnamese diplomatic cadres and civil servants over the 2013-2016 period.

Addressing the opening ceremony, DAV Deputy Director Nguyen Dinh Thao said that 2013 marks a new chapter for the Francophone community in Vietnam, with the implementation of the cooperative agreement now underway.

OIF representative to Asia-Pacific Anissa Barrak emphasised that French language training for diplomatic officials is a direct result of Vietnam’s central role in the Francophone community for the region.

The commitment reflects Vietnam’s determination in promoting French and other languages for international relations.

Nguyen Ngoc Son stressed that the language program is one of several concrete measures to implement the policies of OIF member states to strengthen cooperation with the Asia-Pacific region. Vietnam is the first nation to implement the project.

This move affirms the OIF’s trust in Vietnam as a proactive member of the Francophone community in the country. Vietnam has shown a renewed vigour to improve the French skills of Vietnamese diplomatic officials and civil servants, especially those in charge of international cooperation departments.