Ocean Edu Vietnam promotes environment education for kids

VOV.VN - Environmental protection has become more and more in need as natural disasters and global warming rise in seriousness. Efforts have been made all over the world to raise awareness about protecting the environment.

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(Photo: Ocean Edu Vietnam)

Understanding those actions can be taken at a very young age, English international school Ocean Edu Vietnam has been promoting environment education in their curriculum and social activities to provide their young students with knowledge and skills to appreciate and protect nature.

Ocean Edu recently organized the Coronation Day for a contest called “Little Miss and Mister” to honor outstanding kids who raise their voice about protecting the environment. Teachers want to show their students that learning is not enough, but they can take actions at a very young age.

Nico James, Training Director of Ocean Edu Vietnam said, “I believe that the youth are the hope of the fatherland. It would be better at their early stage to appreciate nature and environment. But they would not stop up to appreciation, they have to take care of the environment. They will be our warriors of the environment.”

The Sunday contest attracted kids from over 40 branches of Ocean Edu across Vietnam. A male and a female contestant were chosen from each branch to film a video introducing famous landscapes of their homeland and ways to keep those places clean. The videos were posted on Ocean Edu’s fanpage for voting, and the best contestants got to take part in the coronation day.

In order to find the Miss and Mister, contestants had to take part in 5 sections, which included catwalking, talent performances, and presentations. During the fantasy costumes event, contestants appeared on stage with attire made of unique materials such as paper, leaves, and used cans.

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(Photo: Ocean Edu Vietnam)

“My teachers made this for me. It means we have to protect the sea and let the fish live in their habitat,” Nguyen Thi Quynh Anh from Thanh Hoa province explained her gown made of fish nets.  

During the presentation part, contestants had to look at photos of famous places in Vietnam, and each had 30 seconds to talk about what they saw, and how to keep the place clean.

Nguyen Khanh Duy from Thanh Hoa said, “I can see a waterfall. It’s very beautiful, and the water is so clear. And the trees are so green. I like it because I love swimming. But we should keep it clean.”

As a member of the jury board, Janice Phuong, winner of Vietnam Idol 2016, was amazed at the children’s knowledge. "The contestants today are so cute and talented," she said, "Most of those pictures they show, I don’t know where is it so because of them I know right now. I’m so proud, and when they grow up they can introduce Vietnam to the world.”

It took the kids 4 hours to finish the contest, which exceeded the organizers’ estimated time. Sometimes during the performances, there were kids running around tirelessly having fun and enjoying themselves.

Hoang Bao Ngoc from Ocean Edu Viet Tri, who was crowned Little Miss Ocean Edu Vietnam, said, “I get to meet many new friends and go to many places. I also learn that we must throw garbage into the right place.”

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Bao Ngoc and her mother share the joy of victory. (Photo: Ocean Edu Vietnam)

Her mother, Nguyen Thi Hien Luong, thinks she has grown up a lot thanks to the contest.“ I think after the contest, my daughter has become more confident and learned more skills," she said, "Her English speaking skill has also improved and she is more aware of protecting the environment.”

Environmental education has been included in Ocean Edu’s curriculum for quite a long time. Along with language classes, there are also science classes in which students learn about plants and animals and how to protect them. Ocean Edu believes learning about the environment in English will help children spread the message to the world.

“These little kids don’t lie. When they say, it comes from their hearts. Through English, they can also protect the environment. They can help Vietnam, the world, and the universe,” Ocean Edu Training Director Nico elaborated. 


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