Northern region faces prolonged cold spell throughout Tet

VOV.VN - Many of northern and northcentral regions in Vietnam are braced for a fierce cold snap which is forecast to remain until the end of January 29, the fifth day of the first lunar month, according to reports published by the National Centre for Hydro-meteorology Forecasting.

northern region faces prolonged cold spell throughout tet hinh 0

It is expected that temperatures throughout the north of the country will drop to between 11 degrees and 13 degrees Celsius, with several mountainous areas such as Sapa and Mau Son bracing themselves to face temperatures plummeting to between zero and two degrees Celsius, with the addition of ice and frost.

In a slight contrast, the weather on January 26, or the second day of the first lunar month, in Hanoi became slightly more favourable than in previous days due to a lack of rain. This trend is set to continue with the capital facing dry conditions with temperatures poised to hover between 13 and 15 degrees Celsius for the final three days of the Lunar New Year.

Despite this, the cold spell will continue to spread throughout the northcentral region with the area forecast to endure drizzly and foggy conditions both at night and in the morning.

The provinces of Nghe An and Ha Tinh will see temperatures between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius with little sun. Furthermore, Thanh Hoa province will also be affected by the cold spell with temperatures of between 11 and 14 degrees Celsius.

Local people have been warned to remain warm and to take measures aimed at combating seasonal diseases.

Currently the southcentral region is in the midst of their dry season, enjoying sunny conditions with temperatures ranging from 28 to 31 degrees Celsius, allowing people to enjoy a festive atmosphere during the first few days of the Lunar New Year.

Elsewhere, the Central Highlands and the south of the nation are set to experience a similar pattern, with expected highs of between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius during the daytime, with lows ranging from 21 to 24 degrees Celsius at night.

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