No fresh coronavirus case in community over 52 days with 307 recoveries

VOV.VN - Vietnam has gone 52 days with no new locally-transmitted coronavirus infections, while the total number of positive COVID-19 cases rose to 329 after one more imported case was confirmed on June 6, the Ministry of Health said in its June 7 update.

no fresh coronavirus case in community over 52 days with 307 recoveries hinh 0

A flight repatriates Vietnamese citizens left stranded from abroad during the COVID-19 epidemic

According to the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, a total of 307 patients have gone on to make a full recovery from the deadly virus, with no deaths nationwide.

Among the remaining positive cases in treatment, 10 have tested negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus once and 3 others twice and they all are in stable health condition.

More than 9,080 patients having close contacts with confirmed patients or entering from COVID-19-hit areas are being kept in quarantine for health observation, including 72 at hospitals, and the rest at concentrated quarantine facilities, and at homes.

Over the past few months, some special flights have brought home thousands of Vietnamese from Canada, France, Japan, Russia, the UAE and the US alongside other Southeast Asian hotspots. So far, the nation has repatriated more than 5,000 Vietnamese people left stranded abroad.

Officials said that there is a risk of community associated infection in Vietnam as more foreign specialists, highly skilled workers and Vietnamese citizens stranded overseas are allowed to enter the country.

Meanwhile, over the course of June 5-6, more than 300 Vietnamese in Sweden, Finland and other European nations were brought home safely from Stockholm and Helsinki airports.

They underwent health check-ups and were placed into isolation in line with regulations immediately after their arrival at the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi to ensure there is no possibility of coronavirus transmission to the community.

According to the latest information, 333 passengers boarding VN50 flight from the UK were quarantined in Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh City immediately after their entry.

All have sampled for the first COVID-19 test and 332 of them were confirmed negative for the virus while only 1, known as patient 329, was positive and is putting into isolation at  Cu Chi district as announced on June 6 morning.

16 crew members also had negative test results and are being in quarantine at an isolation area of Vietnam Airlines.


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