Nghe An veterans denounce local priest’ violations

The executive board of the War Veterans’ Association in the central province of Nghe An has issued a document denouncing the serious illegal actions of priest Dang Huu Nam.

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The document claimed that Nam, head of Phu Yen Diocese in An Hoa commune, Quynh Luu district of Nghe An, incited Catholic followers to join marches and protests outside  the church’s campus. He used preachings in the church to distort the country’s history and offend the honour and dignity of people who sacrificed their blood to safeguard the nation during days the country was holding activities to pay tribute to people and soldiers who fell down for national independence and the historic victory on April 30. 1975

Nam aimed to deny the revolutionary achievements of the Party, nation and people of Vietnam, angering people, harming national unity and disturbing social order and security in the locality, according to the association.

The document also included the allegation that Nam directed children to stand under the heat of the sun holding banners as human shields to veil his bad actions.

The Nghe An War Veterans’ Association also stressed that Nam’s activities violated the Constitution and the law of Vietnam and infringed on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Nam’s words and actions deeply offended the honour and dignity of millions of Vietnamese people who died to protect the country, the association said.

Representing veterans who fought for the nation’s independence, liberation and peace and representing some 173,000 members of the Nghe An War Veterans’ Association, the association’s executive board claimed that all of Dang Huu Nam’s words were completely fabricated, treading the revolutionary achievements of the nation underfoot.

The executive board requested Dang Huu Nam to abide by the law of Vietnam and fulfill his responsibility as a Catholic priest to popularise Catholic doctrine and immediately stop his activities inciting local Catholics to break the law, causing social disorder and harming national unity in the locality.

Dang Huu Nam should apologise to veterans of Vietnam in general as well as locals and veterans in An Hoa commune, Quynh Luu district in particular, for his words and activities defaming the country’s history, the board demanded.

It also asked the Government to work with the Vatican and the Vietnam Episcopal Council to tackle Nam’s violations, while suggesting authorised agencies take legal measures against him.

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