Nghe An holds drill on firefighting, rescue for fishing boats

The central northern province of Nghe An on August 29 held a drill on firefighting and rescue for fishing enterprises and fishermen at the Lach Van Fish Port in Dien Ngoc commune, Dien Chau district.

nghe an holds drill on firefighting, rescue for fishing boats hinh 0
The drill aimed to improve fire safety awareness for fishermen, boat owners, organisations and individuals operating at the port as well as prepare port officials for fires. 

During the drill, a fire involving a fishing boat with crew on board was simulated. Due to the simulated danger, electricity in the port was cut and the port firefighting force deployed to rescue people and equipment, and fight the fire while immediately reporting to the specialised firefighting force. 

Local firefighting police used vehicles to protect the drill scene, coordinated with the firefighting force to recuse people and equipment.

Nghe An currently has more than 4,000 fishing boats but firefighting and prevention work is lacking. 

Nguyen Huu Tho, Director of the Management Board of Fishing Ports in Nghe An, said the drill brought local resources into full play and enhanced experience on organising forces and vehicles for firefighting.

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