National high school exam concludes after four days

The 2016 national high school examination concluded on July 4.

national high school exam concludes after four days hinh 0

Nearly 900,000 students nationwide registered for the national high school exam, the most important test after 12 years of study.

Since last year, high school graduation and university entrance exams have been combined into one national exam. 

The results of the national exam will be considered for both the high school graduation and university admissions. 

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, the number of candidates registered this year decreased by about 120,000, equal to 12%, compared to last year. About 32% of the candidates took the exam to get results for their high school graduation only.

Students were tested on four subjects, which comprised three compulsory subjects of mathematics, literature and a foreign language, and an optional subject. The optional subjects that the students could choose from are physics, chemistry, biology and history, as well as geography. 

The students took extra tests in other subjects for better chances of getting admission to universities and colleges. 

The test marking is scheduled to take place no later than July 20.


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