National COVID-19 count rises to 1,038 following two latest cases

VOV.VN - Vietnam recorded two further new cases of COVID-19, with one in Hanoi, and another in the Da Nang coronavirus hotspot, taking the national infection tally up to 1,038, the Ministry of Health said in its update on August 28 afternoon.

national covid-19 count rises to 1,038 following two latest cases  hinh 0
The active case found in the central city of Da Nang is a 29 year-old woman who had close contact with a coronavirus patient. Her test result came back positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus on August 27.

The infection in Hanoi involves a 23-year-old Vietnamese citizen returning from Russia on August 10 who had been put in quarantine at a concentrated site in the northern province of Hai Duong. The individual had been the roommate of another COVID-19 patient who had tested positive for the virus for the second time on August 25.

Following this, the patient’s positive COVID-19 was conducted by the Hanoi Centre for Disease Control (CDC) on August 28, with the Hanoi CDC identifying only one person who had come into close contact with the individual. Currently, the patient is being isolated to receive treatment at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi’s Dong Anh district.

With the confirmation of the latest cases, a total of 689 involve local transmissions, with 349 cases entering the country from abroad, while the number of infections related to Da Nang, the nation’s largest COVID-19 outbreak spot, has surged to 549 since July 25.

Among patients currently receiving treatment, a total of 46 have tested negative once for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, of which 77 have tested negative multiple times.

Most notably, a total of 26 COVID-19 patients have been declared to have fully recovered from the disease, increasing the total number of national recoveries to 663.

According to figures released by the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, of the 69,480 people in quarantine nationwide, there are 1,460 individuals at hospitals, whilst the remainder are located at other isolation facilities, or at home.

With the country's number of cases rising to 1,038, a total of 30 COVID-19 patients have died due to pre-existing underlying health problems coupled with severe complications caused by COVID-19.

national covid-19 count rises to 1,038 following two latest cases  hinh 1
 A meeting is held by the Standing Committee of the Da Nang City Party Committee to discuss COVID-19 prevention measures

Furthermore, during a meeting held by the Standing Committee of the Da Nang City Party Committee to discuss COVID-19 prevention measures moving forward, participants put forward suggestions of removing the current lockdown, adding that it is impossible to prolong the lockdown on all activities.

Le Trung Chinh, Vice Chairman of the Da Nang City People's Committee and Deputy Head of the Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention and control in Da Nang, said that at present, more than 121,000 samples have been tested, with 387 cases being confirmed to have tested positive for the SASR-CoV-2 virus. In addition, the central city has seen 168 patients make a full recovery, with 24 deaths, and 186 cases remaining in treatment. A total of 1.7 million tourists and other ordinary workers were assisted with their departure from Da Nang in line with their wishes.

The Da Nang City Party Committee also stressed that it remains imperative to continue seriously and drastically implementing the Prime Minister's Directive No. 16 on countermeasures until the disease situation is fully brought under control.


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