Monitoring system allows farming of shrimp in all weather conditions

If environment indexes exceed permitted levels, the smart monitoring system will give an alert on the spot and via smartphones, and will turn certain devices on or off.

The system is part of a research project to design a smart model to regulate shrimp farming ponds implemented by Pham Luong Hoan, Phan Van Dong, Pham Thanh Toan, Le Thi Ny and Hoang Phi Long from Hue University.

Aquaculture has been developing rapidly in Vietnam. However, farmers are not paying appropriate attention to the monitoring of the environment to control epidemics and improve shrimp quality.
monitoring system allows farming of shrimp in all weather conditions hinh 0
The products in the market which can be used to monitor the shrimp breeding environment are expensive and not effective.

According to Pham Luong Hoan, one of the inventors, the disadvantage of these products is that they cannot operate continuously and cannot give early warnings when the weather conditions change suddenly. 

The students’ shrimp pond system includes three rigid plastic water tanks, a three water propeller system which provides oxygen to the pond, electric water outlet valves, automatic roofs, a controller, air, water temperature and pH sensors, and module sim.

It took the students three months to design and make the system which can automatically adjust indexes such as pH, water and air temperature and water supply in a 2-square meter shrimp pond.

The invention will help develop a system for industrial shrimp farming and shrimp breeder farming in glasshouses and nethouses.

With the smart shrimp pond, when parameters in the environment exceed the permitted levels, the system will give alerts on the spot and give messages to mobile phones. It will also automatically turn off the automatic roof and drain valve.

The water propeller will automatically check the water temperature in the pond. If the temperature is over 30oC, the system will turn on, and if the temperature falls below 30oC, it will turn off.

The automatic roof system will operate when the air temperature is between 23oC and 32oC. If the pH concentration in the major tank exceeds 8.0, the electrical valve in the two tanks will automatically open for water to be discharged to major and subordinate tanks. 
The indexes for temperature and pH will be sent to managers through SMS. 

Khuong Anh Son, the guide for the research team, praised the invention, saying the system could be developed to be used in farming in severe weather conditions in the central region.


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