Ministry of Health promotes exercises

The Ministry of Health has warned local people about possible diseases if they do not exercise enough.

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Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien and other delegates take exercises for three minutes while attending the opening ceremony of the 2019 Vietnam Medical Film Days in Hanoi on February 20

Nguyen Van Hung, a 37-year-old patient at Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi, said he used to have good health and was rarely sick. However, he started aching all over the body lately and walking around also made him tired. When he went to the hospital because of stomach ache, he was shocked by the results.
"I'm obese and have several collapsed vertebrae, high blood pressure. The doctor said it was because of my lifestyle," he said.
Hung said he was an office worker so he was glued to the desk most of the day. Since he has to meet with customers, he also eats and drinks a lot.
Le Thanh Van, head of Vietnam Physiotherapy Association, said according to their survey with over 1,000 office workers, half of them had headaches, spinal problems and shoulder pain. Many people have wrist pain due to holding the mouse and typing too much.
According to the Ministry of Health, three out of four patients have chronic non-infectious diseases. 73% of the deaths are caused by heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases. A survey in 2016 conducted by the Vietnam Society of Cardiology shows that the number of patients with high blood pressure sharply increased.
 There were only 25% of the citizens aged over 25 in eight major provinces and cities had high blood pressure in 2008. This rate increased to 47% in 2015 because of a lack of exercise and high consumption of unhealthy food and drinks.
 Dr Phan Huong Duong from the National Hospital of Endocrinology said diabetes was mostly found in patients aged over 40 years old but now, they even have patients as young as 11 or 20-year-old young men.
 Since early 2019, the Ministry of Health has launched a movement to encourage people to be more physically active, starting with light exercises at the ministry's offices. Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien and over 100 employees exercised for three minutes during break times.
 "We'll start with the breaks during meetings and will exercise twice a day," Tien said.
 According to Tien, exercising in the morning and afternoon will help prevent many diseases and boost the immune system.