Ministry issues official code of conduct for teachers and students

The Ministry of Education and Training has just issued a circular on code of conduct for teachers, students and parents from preschool to high school level nationwide.

ministry issues official code of conduct for teachers and students hinh 0

The code aims to remind teachers, students as well as parents that they should follow ethical standards to build a safe and friendly environment in schools and prevent school violence.

The circular, which will take effect from May 28, includes obvious points like smoking and alcohol and some other substances to be banned in schools.

 Teachers and students must wear suitable clothing and refrain from anti-social behaviour. But they have also been warned not to post information, photos or comments that go against the state policies and laws or opinions that badly affect the school and learning activities.

 Teachers should be loving, fair, friendly and responsible to students. They are also asked to respect their colleagues and parents.

 Students should respect teachers and other school staff. They also asked to be truthful, caring and helpful to other students and help to minimise school violence.

 School managers are asked to be fair and encouraging. They should try to create a good education environment at schools.

 The code also requires parents to respect and co-operate with teachers and be caring, responsible and encouraging with children.

 The circular was released following recent ethical violations by some teachers who were found to be physically and mentally abusing students. Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Huu Do said this behaviour hurts children while negatively impacting the image of teachers and stirring concern within the education sector and in society as a whole.

 The ministry also asked for the establishment of inspection teams to examine whether schools are implementing the ministry’s directive on improving ethics for teachers.

 Education establishments need to enhance management measures and supervise the implementation of regulations on ethics for teachers to prevent any physical and emotional abuse towards students, the ministry said.

 They were also asked to organise training courses for teachers to improve their professional skills and teach them how to handle different situations that may happen at schools. Schools were told to provide psychological assistance for both teachers and students when necessary.

 At a working session with authorities of Quang Binh Province last November, Minister Phung Xuan Nha admitted that violence has been on the rise in schools, presenting a challenge for the education sector.

 “The ministry will intensify the fight against school violence by sending instructions to all schools nationwide,” he said. “The ministry will also conduct surveys to find the real causes of school violence to take appropriate measures.”