Minister requires tightening issuance of driving licences

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The has asked the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to outline measures to improve the quality of training, testing and issuing driving licences.

minister requires tightening issuance of driving licences hinh 0
Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The

The ministry also requested the directorate to apply information technology in the work nationwide. 

The ministry of transport said the request was in line with proposals of citizens and National Assembly deputies at a recent hearing session on road and railway traffic crimes with the NA’s Judicial Committee. 

The directorate was also told to review cases where people have their licenses suspended for a driving infraction, but then simply apply for a new one with inaccurate personal information, and those who possess several driving licenses.

The directorate needs to coordinate with the Department of Transport Police under the Ministry of Public Security to update information related to violations of drivers in shared database systems nationwide to identify drivers that are suspended, The said.

Early this year, Minister The issued a plan on improving traffic safety for 2019, which detailed measures to raise public awareness and compliance with traffic rules, among others.

The plan aims to reduce traffic accidents and related casualties by 10 percent compared to 2018. The numbers of deaths and injuries caused by accidents involving motorcycles and coaches are hoped to decrease by 10 percent.

The Transport Ministry instructed prompt reviews of traffic accident “hotspots”, along with tightened protection of safety for roads, railways and waterways.