Medipeace offers rehabilitation equipment to disabled children in Quang Tri

VOV.VN - Medipeace, the Republic of Korea (RoK)’s medical organisation for peace, has recently presented medical equipment to be used in eight rehabilitation rooms for disabled children in several communes throughout the central province of Quang Tri.

medipeace offers rehabilitation equipment to disabled children in quang tri hinh 0
Medical equipment are delivered to rehabilitation rooms at communes  throughout Quang Tri province.

The medical equipment is being given as part of a project sponsored by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) through Medipeace, which first started in 2012.

Through the project, Medipeace has funded VND 359 million during this year to provide rehabilitation equipment to children suffering from disabilities. In addition, the funding has gone towards helping build two new rehabilitation rooms in the communes of Hai Quy and Trieu Lang.

Volunteers from the RoK, along with rehabilitation technicians and local medical workers, will use these tools to provide direct support to disabled children in the rehabilitation rooms situated in these localities.

The project will also offer help at home to ensure that parents of children with disabilities will have the opportunity to play with their children. Most notably, volunteers from the RoK will visit families in order to provide additional guidance to parents to ensure they are using the tools given to them effectively. 

Through funding, a total of 205 children with disabilities have been granted access to rehabilitation equipment to improve their communication and life skills.


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