Man fined for killing 3 monkeys in central Vietnam

Forest officials in Thanh Hoa Province have fined a man VND5.2 million (US$230) for killing three monkeys caught in the wild.

Le Van Son, 46, was penalized for killing protected wild animals.

He had bought the monkeys in the Central Highlands and was caught while cooking their bones into a jelly that many believe has medicinal properties.

man fined for killing 3 monkeys in central vietnam hinh 0

His act came to light last week after Cao Tuan Anh, a neighbor, posted gruesome images of the slaughter on Facebook.

Anh only received a rebuke since there is no law against his action, a forest management official told news website Zing.
Monkeys are protected in Vietnam and killing them attracts fines of up to VND1 billion (US$44,600).
Last January a man from Nghe An Province near Thanh Hoa was fined US$230 for killing six monkeys to make the medicinal jelly.

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