Major drug trafficking ring busted in Tay Ninh

VOV.VN - Police in the southwestern province of Tay Ninh have teamed up with the relevant forces to further investigate the trafficking ring of drugs from Cambodia to Vietnam.

major drug trafficking ring busted in tay ninh hinh 0
Earlier on 10:25pm on October 20, police apprehended a man driving a car from Cambodia to Vietnam at the Moc Bai international border gate area. The man was identified as Huynh Van Lam, 37, from Hoa Thanh district, TayNinh province. Fortunately, he was caught red-handed while attempting to transport the drugs from Cambodia into Vietnam.

When examining the vehicle, police confiscated a sizable 4 kilos of crystal meth hidden in four tea packs in the car boot. Previously, Lam had been convicted seven years in prison for drug trafficking.

Earlier on October 21, police forces also arrested an additional two drug traffickers who were connected to the drug ring.

They seized more than 8.2 kilos of crystal meth, several methamphetamine pills worth VND600 million or US$50,000. They also seized a 7-seater car and some other tools. The total crystal meth of the incident weighed up to over 12.2 kilos.


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