Major drug trafficking ring busted in HCM City

A major drug trafficking ring was recently uncovered in Ho Chi Minh City, local police said on December 29.

The ring leader was Nguyen Thi Hoa, born in 1948 in central Nghe An province, but now residing in HCM City’s Hoc Mon district. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking but released in 2013 under amnesty. 

In late 2014, the city’s anti-drug force suspected Hoa of buying drugs in northern provinces for sale in the southern city and launched investigation. 

On early September 30, 2015, police caught Tran Quy Dang and his brother Tran Xuan Luyen carrying 10 bricks of heroin (about 350 grammes each) and 2kg of methamphetamine from central Quang Binh province to HCM City. 

Dang, an ex drug offender, admitted that he directly bought drugs in Laos and sold them to Hoa in HCM City. 

On October 1, Nguyen Tri Dung (born 1972) was caught red-handed while handing over drugs to Hoa’s daughter – Do Thi Dung (born 1981) at a supermarket on Cong Hoa street in Tan Binh district. 

Dung was also a drug supplier for Hoa. On November 1, police searched the houses of Hoa, Nguyen Tri Dung, Do Thi Dung and three drug buyers in HCM City. 

Up to 75 bricks of heroin, over 2kg of methamphetamine and nearly 5.7kg of drug precursors together with one gun and 20 bullets were seized during the arrests and searches