Lunar New Year wishes

(VOV) - On New Year’s Eve, everyone sets aside daily worries and looks on the bright side, so that they may start the Year of the Horse 2014 full of hope for good health, good luck and success.

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For 12th graders, 2014 marks a turning point in their lives, because they will sit for graduation exams in a couple of months and make one of the most difficult decisions in their life: either taking tertiary entrance exams or attending a vocational training course, or alternatively, bypass further education and get a job.

“This year is very important to me. After graduating from the high school, I will take exams to the Telecommunications Institute,” said Duong Van Minh, a 12th grader of the Vietnam-Germany high school. “I know it is no easy task, but I try my best. I expect my university dream will come true.”

Nguyen Thi Sinh, a 60-year-old woman from Hoang Mai district, has a fervent wish for good health, a happy life and a close-knit relationship within the family in the New Year.

“I expect my health will improve to enjoy this wonderful life with my family,” she confides. “I do hope the healthcare sector will make a drastic change to reduce shortcomings and better care for people.”

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2013 was also a difficult year for Vietnam as the economy continued to falter and the nation struggled with attaining decent growth. The government’s solutions for stabilising the macroeconomy, containing runway inflation and ensuring social security brought initial positive results.

With those solutions put in place, the consumer price index fell to a 10-year record low, the economic growth target was met, and businesses found it easier to get access to bank loans to maintain and expand production.

Tran Thi Ngon, a trader at Gia Lam market, hopes for improvement in the economy in 2014 to support her business.

“When the economy slowed, our business was severely affected. The purchasing power fell sharply compared to the previous year. I am hopeful for a bonanza year in 2014, so that I can proceed with my investment plans.”

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Last year Vietnam generated more than 1.5 million jobs for people. This year the economy is predicted to pick up steam, bringing hopes for job seekers. Getting a steady job and having a secured income is an earnest desire people want to fulfil in 2014.

“Last year’s economic difficulty affected incomes of people in society, especially State employees,” says Luu Quang Minh, a local resident from Hai Ba Trung district. “I expect the economy will recover completely in 2014, I will get a steady job and my income will improve correspondingly.”

Though everyone has their own wish, they expect a new year may bring them joy, happiness, good luck and success. To let the dream come true, they have no choice but to work harder and know how to respect and love the value of life.