Law making aims at promoting social equality and progress

VOV.VN - The National Assembly Committee for Social Affairs convened a workshop in Hanoi this week to discuss laws and policies on social equality and progress.

law making aims at promoting social equality and progress hinh 0
The workshop highlighted the Committee’s important contributions to Vietnam’s legislations. Thu Hoa reports.

Since it was established at the first session of the 6th National Assembly, the Committee for Health Care and Social Affairs, now the Committee for Social Affairs, has contributed considerably to building laws concerning labor, employment, social security, health care, population, gender equality, and preferential policies for social beneficiaries. 

Promoting social progress and equality 

Vietnam’s social policies have always aimed at promoting social development and bringing a happy life for everyone. The Committee for Social Affairs and the National Assembly have developed a legal system to comprehensively manage social affairs.  

Laws concerning labor, employment, health care, population, gender equality, social evil prevention and control have been fine-tuned. Preferential policies for national contributors, social insurance, health care insurance, poverty reduction, and social protection have been expanded with increasing support levels. 

Since it embarked on national renewal, Vietnam has paid attention to addressing social problems. National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said: “The Committee has appraised several laws and submitted to the National Assembly and the National Assembly Standing Committee reports and recommendations regarding preferences for revolutionary contributors, labor, employment, social insurance, health insurance, population, poverty reduction, religion, gender equality and social evil prevention and control. The Committee’s Female Parliamentarians’ Group has operated effectively”.

During the 13th National Assembly, the Committee for Social Affairs contributed to improving the performance of the National Assembly. It reviewed the integration of gender equality in the Constitution and 40 laws, discussed draft laws and ordinances on labor, employment, wages, immigrant workers, revolutionary contributors, and social protection. 

The Committee has helped the NA and the NA Standing Committee in monitoring the enforcement of laws on social affairs. The Committee has participated in building laws and policies on preferential credits on job generation, labor exports, social insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance, and gender equality.

Resources mobilized to realize policies

The NA Committee for Social Affairs has contributed to national renovation and promoting democracy at the NA. It has played a vanguard role in public consultation activities, organizing hearings and activities on integrating gender equality in laws, and expanding international cooperation. 

Over the past 40 years, the National Assembly Committee for Social Affairs has been promoting social progress and equality through law making. By doing so, the Committee has contributed to national industrialization and modernization and international integration.


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