Large sinkhole in Bac Kan province filled in

A sinkhole that is about 12 metres wide and 20 metres deep in Bang Lung town, Cho Don district of northern Bac Kan province, was filled in by late January 3.

More than 1,500 cubic metres of earth and rock was used to fill in the hole, said Secretary of the district’s Party Committee Nong Quang Nhat.

Though the road where the hole appeared was re-opened, automobiles still have to make a detour, he noted, adding that relevant agencies are closely monitoring the ground before putting the road into full operation again. 

Bac Kan province has evacuated several households in the vulnerable areas as the cause of the sinkhole is being clarified. 

Local residents said sinkholes used to appear in the area, but this time’s hole was the biggest so far. Luckily, it did not caused any losses.