Lao people raise funds for Vietnamese storm victims

VOV.VN - Lao Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Khampheng Saysompheng handed over more than US$20,000 to Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Ba Hung on January 30 as a donation to the Vietnamese victims of Storm Damrey.

lao people raise funds for vietnamese storm victims hinh 0
Minister Khampheng said that immediately after hearing of the serious damage Storm Damrey caused to Vietnam, the Lao Prime Minister called on people and organizations to donate any money they could spare to support the Vietnamese people in recovering from the effects of the storm.

He said many organizations and individuals in Laos had previously mounted activities in support of the Vietnamese people and now continue to raise funds for the storm’s victims.

Ambassador Hung conveyed his sincere thanks to the Lao Government and people for the support they have provided for the storm’s victims and underscored that such acts of kindness demonstrate the heartfelt sentiments of Laos to Vietnamese people.

He said that the embassy will soon deliver the funds to people in need to help them quickly stabilize their lives.

Storm Damrey hit Vietnam in early November 2017 and post-storm flooding caused estimated losses of around US$1 billion for central provinces.

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