Lao Cai province sees spread of African swine fever

VOV.VN - Outbreaks of African swine fever are continuing to increase in the northern province of Lao Cai with 200 pigs being culled each day, according to Hoang Chi Hien, chief of the office of the provincial People’s Committee, during a press conference held on August 20.

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Currently, 4.47 per cent of pig farming households in Lao Cai have pigs infected with African swine fever (ASF), while 3.87 per cent of pig flocks throughout the locality have been culled with an overall weight of 818 tons.

Since the end of July 2019, outbreaks of ASF have been reported in 2,244 households across 88 communes and wards in nine of the city’s districts.

In order to cope with the ongoing situation, the provincial department of Agriculture and Rural Development has continued to dispatch inspection teams to examine the implementation of preventive measures in line with current regulations at localities.

By the end of July, 19 communes and wards have reported no outbreaks of ASF over a 30-day period, while 16 communes and wards have been declared free from the epidemic.

As a result of the impact of the epidemic, the price of pork in Lao Cai currently ranges from VND35,000 to VND42,000 per kilo, while indigenous black pigs are being sold at between VND55,000 and VND60,000 per kilo. Despite this, the consumption of pork products face longer-term issues as breeders have yet to restart breeding pigs.

At present, Lao Cai province has withdrawn all of its quarantine stations at grassroots levels due to their ineffective operations and high costs.

Local authorities have encouraged households and residents to clean up their breeding facilities and take preventive measures aimed at stamping out the ASF epidemic.

The provincial People’s Committee has also assigned the local agricultural sector to devise policies aimed at supporting households with infected pigs.


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