Lanh Trang Cooperative changes life of Sa Phin villagers

VOV.VN - The Sa Phin Agricultural and Forestry Services Co-operative, known as the Lanh Trang (White Flax) Co-operative, was established in 2017 in Ha Giang province to offer opportunities for disadvantaged ethnic minority people.

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White Flax Co-operative members (Photo: Ngoc Anh/VOV5) 
The Co-operative with 20 original members specializes in traditional flax embroidery, weaving, and dyeing. It has formed a closed chain ranging from self-supply of raw materials to production and consumption and created jobs for 95 members in Sa Phin village and many other villages in Dong Van district.

With a workshop, a dyeing facility, and a showroom, the White Flax Cooperative in coordination with the Dong Van district Women's Union opened 2 vocational training classes and established 3 cooperative teams last year. Their products have been well responded to by both domestic and foreign customers.

Vang Thi Cau, head of the Cooperative’s production team, said “We have signed contracts with foreign partners from the Netherlands, Germany, the US, and Japan. Domestic and foreign fashion firms like Chu La have imported our products. Four local households have escaped poverty over the past year. Cooperative members earn between 170 and 260 USD a month and the income of those who associate with us is between 86 and 130 USD a month."

"We provide our associates with capital to grow flax trees, and then hire them to weave fabric. They earn 0.43 USD per one meter. 15 of 19 communes in Dong Van district are involved in the cooperative model with a target of attracting the remaining districts by the end of next year. Each village and town will have, at least, one group of 10 women to participate in the cooperative”, Cau added. 

Female members are trained to improve their skills and are assigned tasks commensurate to their capabilities. Some are in charge of sewing or weaving; others are responsible for embroidering or dyers. All contribute toward the creation of an uninterrupted production chain.

The cooperative will use part of its earnings to re-invest in production, as well as a portion for worker salary.

Hao Thi Ly, a Lanh Trang Cooperative member, said “The Sa Phin A village is home to 50 households of the Mong ethnic people. I’ve worked at the cooperative for nearly 2 years. My team has 20 members, each in charge of one phase of the work. Some work at home. I make pillow covers, bags, blouses, door curtains, and scarves.  I’m satisfied with my work as I can do it whenever I’m free. Each month I get about 130 USD.”

The Lung Hoa A garment craft village is another model in Sa Phin. When joining a craft village or cooperative, member households will be supported in machinery, and infrastructure for centralized production, and designs matching the market trends and requirements.

They will also be given to promote and introduce their products at fairs, tourist destinations, and village markets.

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Products of the White Flax Co-operative (Photo: Ngoc Anh/VOV5)

To date, it has helped the locals escape poverty and find stable jobs and incomes.

The White Flax Cooperative is investing in the expansion of its production scale, machinery supplementation, and the development of flax growing areas.

Sung Thi Sy, the Cooperative’s Director, said “Dong Van authorities have created the best possible conditions for the cooperative. The completely natural flax cloth is dyed by leaves and tree roots easily found on the mountain. A person on average can weave 4 meters of flax cloth per day. Our flax cloth is of high quality because it’s completely natural and traditionally woven.

"Foreign customers like our products very much and purchase often. In the past, our family was poor and I was unemployed. Everything has changed now. We have what we need in terms of food, clothing, and a stable job”, Sy added. 

A project to develop natural flax-based brocade products by the White Flax Co-operative was selected to the final round of last year’s first national Women’s Start-up Festival.

The model of the White Flax Co-operative will be expanded, contributing to poverty reduction in the locality.


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