Labor Ministry pushes for human resource and skill development under Thailand 4.0 policy

The Ministry of Labor is laying foundations for human resource and skill development in keeping with international standards and adjusting labor forces to changes towards the Thailand 4.0 goal.

labor ministry pushes for human resource and skill development under thailand 4.0 policy hinh 0

Labor Minister Sirichai Distakul gave a speech on topic of the “Thailand 4.0 and Future of Work: a National Dialogue” at Conrad Hotel, Bangkok. 

“The government sees the opportunity to use challenges and changes, especially technological development and the 4th wave of industrial revolution to push forward national reform under then 20-year strategy with the Thailand 4.0 goal to achieve, focusing on the change of social and economic structure towards prosperity, stability, and sustainability through the use of technology, innovations, and creativity.” 

He said human resources are considered the core of Thailand 4.0 development, an area which the Ministry of Labor has established a 20-year plan to improve starting with the Productive Manpower phase in 2017-2021 focusing on the change of regulations and protocols in keeping with international standards and enhance capability of manpower according to changes in the industry. 

The Ministry of Labor has given its conformation to the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) conventions, promoting Good Labor Practice (GLP) and Thai Labor Standard (TLS) at workplaces, established advanced skill development centers in 12 provinces. 

The ministry is looking forward to the ultimate phase of development in the next 15 years which is an era of brainpower, where human resources are required to utilize their knowledge and abilities to create high-value works while being happy with their job and having life security. 

He said Thailand’s Future of Work is a goal which the public can determine the way in which the country will proceed, while the utmost important thing is close cooperation between all related agencies in forms of partnership. 

He affirmed Thailand is ready for all create cooperation which will help determine the future of work which will be fair and yield benefits to all the people with an inclusive and equal approach.


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