Labor Ministry continues project for attaching stars to Thai chefs in Spain

The Department of Skills Development (DSD) is extending its project to grant stars to accomplished Thai chefs working in Spain.

labor ministry continues project for attaching stars to thai chefs in spain hinh 0

DSD Director General, Theeraphol Khunmuang disclosed today that there are many Thai restaurants in foreign countries, and the global demand for Thai chefs is high. 

To grant opportunities to Thai workers in foreign countries to nurture their expertise, the DSD has organized a project promoting the skill standards of Thai workers abroad in countries such as the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Austria, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Kingdom of Norway, Australia and Japan. 

Between 5th-11th September, the project is being developed in the Kingdom of Spain. 

The first session will provide knowledge and understanding about the processes involved and the preparation of Thai food according to the criteria, before proceeding with a Thai food test of knowledge, organized by the National Skills Labor Standard Test. 

There are 56 Thai workers applying for the examination. After they pass the standard skills test, they will each acquire six-pointed silver stars to be worn on the chest, a symbol which proclaims and guarantees their cooking skills.


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